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Orfino's Restaurant- Italian Cuisine at its Finest in Briarcliff, NY
After 27 years, Mr. & Mrs. Orfino’s have hung up their aprons and retired. Orfino’s Café, the charming family restaurant in Briarcliff is now in the hands of their son, Michael Orfino, and his wife Linda. Michael and Linda are certainly not new to Orfino’s. Michael originally started the business with his mother. Linda, ran the front while Michael did the cooking on a grill. Linda recalls that her daughter Lina, now an adult, used to run around the restaurant in a walker taking French fries from the patrons. Now Lina is a teacher and works at the restaurant in the evenings.

When the business began, Orfino’s was just open for breakfast and lunch. Over the years, they added dinners Wednesday through Saturday. As the sole owner, Michael has updated the décor, and has expanded the menu and the Wine list. The menu not only features the Italian favorites Orfino’s is known for but also offers a lighter fare for health conscious patrons.

Credit cards are now accepted.
Michael Orfino Jr.
The Third Generation has made he dayview at Orfinos. Mike Orfino Jr, has steped into his fathers shoes and have taken the position of head chef. After training under previous chef and his father for many years he has now brought his own style to the Resturant including the famous

Tagliatelle Bolognese—pork, beef, and veal sauteed with celery, onions, garlic, plum tomato and a touch of cream
Stuff Pork Chop with a peach salsa
Expresso rubbed veal chop—tender veal chops with espresso rub
He also introduced roasted spring vegetable polenta (pictured)—an appetizer priced at $9 that includes Pecorino polenta topped with roasted zucchini, eggplant, pepper and asparagus.
Orfino's Restaurant-Italian Cuisine at its Finest!!!!!
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